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Profiting from House Flipping Business

House flipping is a highly profitable business. However, just like any other businesses, there are risks involved. To avoid money pit when flipping houses, you have to make sure you know your market well. Other important things to consider are as follows:

•    Area of interest – Location is a huge factor when it comes to flipping a house. Make sure that the house is in the area you can sell to someone. Drive around the neighbourhood and see what amenities are present including the nearby schools, hospitals, church, malls, and other business hubs. Check the crime rate to make sure that the neighbourhood is safe.

•    Find a fixer-upper – There are many kinds of properties that can be a perfect candidate for house flipping. If you want to maximize your profit, then you have to find a fixer-upper. Choose a house that is structurally sound. The best way to do is to have the house thoroughly inspected prior to your purchase. Not only will you check the structural details but as well as the tax records. Choose a house that is free of liens.

•    Inspect the house to see what kind of repair is needed – To have a clear idea as to how much money you did to perfectly renovate the house, you have to thoroughly inspect the house and list all important details. By inspecting the house, you will be able to figure out the after repair value and gauge whether you can do the work on your own or require help from professional builders.

•    Work as quick as you can without compromising the quality – if you want to maximize your profit, then you need to work as fast as you can. Be very careful though and make sure that you are not compromising the quality of your work. Try to work with professional builders as they can help make the work pretty quick and easy on your behalf.

•    Ask help from respected real estate agent – When it comes to selling the house, you have to make sure you enlist it with a respected real estate agent. Hiring an agent cuts your profit because you will be required to give a commission fee, but it will be totally worth it. They know where and how to find buyers that match the house you are selling. On top of that, real estate agents will handle the negotiation and paperwork on your behalf.

Doug Clark’s real estate events

Doug Clark is a real estate guy whose name became extremely popular because of his TV show, Flip Men. He attends every auction in his search for house flipping worthy properties. Using his skills and expertise, he flips houses and sell them for profit.

Real Estate Deal Analyzer Tool for Flipping Houses

As the preeminent real estate deal analyzer for flipping houses dedicated to providing the finest service available in the Greater Houston Area.  Carol Arroyo of Keller Williams Realty offers not only real estate expertise in all facets of the business, but also offers you the very highest principles of integrity and a genuine caring spirit. 


We sincerely want to be your Realtors for Life.  What does that mean?  It means that we will be there for you Before, During and After the sale. We can take care of all your real estate needs, even years down the road when you are ready to move up to a bigger home or downsize to a smaller one.

As active Houston residents & with our years in the Real Estate Industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your next move as smooth transition. Contracts, Title Companies, Mortgage Companies and even Temporary Housing Needs … all the many details seems much less daunting with our help.

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Client Representation

Carol Arroyo is dedicated to serving the best interests of the people with whom we work.  Real estate sales are the most costly and complex financial transactions most individuals ever face. That is why we believe that each party, whether buyer or seller, deserves to be represented by an agent who is bound to keep the confidences and serve the fiduciary interests of their client. 

Traditionally, real estate agents have worked with buyers, while owing their fiduciary loyalty to the sellers of the properties which they showed and sold. Buyers were considered customers, not clients, and although the agent was bound to treat people fairly and honestly, buyers were not represented in the purchase of their home.  The agent was obligated to work in the best interests of the sellers and could not keep information obtained from the buyer confidential. This relationship between the buyer and agent is known as sub-agency and is still practiced by many firms. Prior to recent agency disclosure laws, many consumers were unaware of who "their agent" actually represented and today, many buyers are still confused by complicated agency relationships. You can get more expert real estate investing information by following Andrew Cordle on his Linkedin Page.

The problem with sub-agency was that it often failed to serve anyone's best interests. Many agents felt confused and conflicted about owing their loyalty to an unknown seller when their working relationship was with the buyer. Some decided to work in the buyer's interests even though their legal duty was to the seller. This created numerous incidents of "undisclosed dual agency" and brought the integrity of our profession into question. Some agents began to feel that what they really represented was the deal itself. Eventually, these agents represented nothing but their own financial interest in making a commission, further eroding the public's trust.  Other agents decided that they should only represent buyers exclusively to avoid any conflict of interest. Unfortunately, exclusive buyer's agents could only serve half a client's needs and this undermined a continuing relationship between agent and client. Before I go any further on the buyer/seller relationship, I did want to mention how important your mortgage company is to this process. Being a senior loan officer is an interesting field which you might want to consider as a career. The following link is a place to start if you would like to get a job as a Freedom Mortgage loan processor.

We believe that our clients want and need representation whether they are buying or selling property.  Many of our clients have to sell one home before they can buy another. They are best served by an agent who is experienced in delivering full-service client representation. We feel that our goal of building and cementing a lasting bond with our clients will result in the delivery of the highest level of service to everyone.  We recognize that sub-agency is in conflict with the best interests of our clients and we will not practice it. We are committed to creating long-term relationships with our clients and to continuing to serve their real estate needs well into the next century.